Who we are

Timely Support

As part of our commitment to our customers we try to offer the fastest turn around times possible to ensure that you are back up and running in a jiffy.

Innovative Ideas

We offer tailored solutions capable of overcoming the most daunting of obstacles.

Advanced Technology

The latest cutting edge technology doesn’t need to be for Geeks only! We’re happy to walk you through the latest tech so everyone, whether for business or pleasure, can enjoy the latest devices and solutions.

Clear Communication

We have many years experience in analogue, digital & voice over IP systems. No matter what tech you have or require we will have you up and talking in no time.

About us

SGN has been providing tailored IT consulting, design, implementation & maintenance since 2006

We are a group of solution and technology integration specialists that leading companies trust to get the job done right the first time every time.

By outsourcing management, maintenance and support of  business IT and communications a company can finally take the stress out of using the technology and services it counts on everyday. With a bespoke solution from our team of experts, you’ll finally begin to think of your technology as a strategic investment, rather than a constant drain on your time and resources. Through customer satisfaction commitments and clear technology leadership, we deliver our solutions and products so that our customers can deliver theirs.

Each of our dedicated specialists is committed to maintaining our unblemished goal of 100 percent customer satisfaction. We continuously work with our technology partners and vendors to update and expand our knowledge and expertise to provide our clients with solutions that meet their business needs.

Experience SGN’s unparalleled commitment to service, technology and support. We stand by our work, commit to service levels, and bring the most experienced technology support in the industry to your business.

Company News

Bitesize pieces of what we are getting up to.

Tips on how you can save your computers from viruses

Tips on how you can save your computers from viruses

Being on the internet or connected to a network often introduces different varieties of viruses, spyware, and malware into our systems. Without proper protection, they can literally slow down our systems to an annoyingly frustrating speed where things just can go any...

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